Rehearsals are Tuesday nights starting at 7:00pm 

St. John's Lutheran Church 1600 Orlando Ave,

Winter Park, FL 32789

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from Stockholm Sweden. She is a globally recognized and sought-after vocal performance coach, arranger, educator, workshop facilitator, life coach and mentor.

Coming from a family of musicians, it is small wonder music is in her spirit. From orchestral performances on French horn, to theatre and music production, to her passion for electric bass in the funk soul, Motown, R&B (and select disco) genre, Mo has enjoyed a vast musical career as a professional musician across the board. 

With a background in diverse popular contemporary music and studies in jazz, she is naturally drawn to songwriting. Although being a published songwriter/composer is gratifying, being a diehard Barbershopper is amazing. Proudly, Mo is a newly minted (2019) BHS Certified Performance Judge.

Mostly, Mo loves music. Mo loves people. Mo loves what music can do to people, and what people can do with music to help people be better people.

Monday, May 18th she will be instructing us in the use of EarMaster, a software tool to improve our ability with ear training, sight-singing practice, and rhythm training. This tool will enable us to return to practice as better artists at a time when we might have believed we were at a point of no improvement.

Additionally, EarMaster allows Directors and Section Leaders to track and assist us in our practice in ways we may not have considered before Covid. The trick is to always look at what is now possible rather than what is no longer available in any situation.